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Reaper 02:54 (Self-Released 2017)

Not really quite easy to measuring that these quartet of Metal-Core new genre debutant and scene-guardian on the album record entitled Oblivion stands for integrity absolute harsh or obliteration casts screaming towards the listener’s interest but the double pedals drumming, the extreme riff-age asking casualties and the EP program on the run to be released for public may little by little unveils the Ophelia’s Breath identity that they’re proudly came from the Russian Federation as metallic representatives nowadays to exploding your stereo system out as the group should going to reminds us for the early style and attitudes borrowed from Avenged Sevenfold (AX7) bursting their tracks of four choices and more screaming emotional involving here through either Wandering or Cult; Progressive Death-Core in the infected influences from All Shall Perish, Born Of Osiris, Despiced Icon and Tesseract vomiting the blend performance off Timur Chobotok the bass/sampling/electronics to Yuri Yarusevich (guitars), Dmitry Teplov on drums and guitarist Konstantin Chernousov hailed from Stary Oskol – getting ready to heating up the transcending or orient-mixtures metallic music for the media realm this year.