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R 6 Sexy Steven (Self-Released 2018)

   On guitars as Tom a.k.a One Finger a.k.a Two Fingers aka Ratman to chant/harsh vocalist Stewj aka Professor Grid aka Bobin with the drum-hitter Jech aka The Mantis aka Quechuaman with additional bass player Aymeric Kuntz, flute player Lydie Barrancos and second guitarist Francis Caste talking frenchie or just a sick jokes for entertaining the future audiences; Heavy Metal fusion of Nu-Metal Cross-over or Porn-groove because actually – the group is hailed from Paris, France and so, it is they’re spoke French or writing thus lyrics on distorting blasting musical project named The Wiggar Overdose releasing the album called New York Sous Bois Rapcore Club displaying a sexy exotic dark bebe in afro looks as well as orange jacket meaningful for something erotic perhaps but most of those self-written tunes within themes about the US atmosphere especially the big apple would doing good head-banger to everyone whose listening to this band regularly, comes a beater naughty Velcro teaming up crew wrecking havoc the noises around the hood via these seventeen songs like Big Fat Uppercut, 4’22” With Faye Reagan, Captain Caste, NYB Stamped all the fucking way through Kingpin, Le Game De La Merguez and We Got digging the overloaded Rap-Metal to Hip-Rock grooves and blasts all for one purposes – rhyming harder and grab more pussies after the tight hotter show ! 

New York Sous Bois Rapcore Club: