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Puff Why Daddy U (Exogenic Breaks Records 2006)

   How my so erotic Disco-beats like it is still in the midst between the sixties and the seventies over the display on your ears cannot lie – these musical like ABBA meets Bee Gees in a more direct modern additions by Harri Vayrynen, Lasse Vayrynen and Risto Eskolin as cousins and producer turns to guitarist forming Accu not just as the batteries but also their group playing House-Electronic and Down-tempo did a different Finland outfits and breaks in borderless non-metallic sounds on the Lasso releasing. 

   Go listen and shake your body moving through the amazing party, rocking, sexual and free hipsters casual for Nightfreak, Who is Who (vocals by Cheka Kalupala), Out of The Blue (vocals by Laura Narhi), In The City, One Tuff Cookie and Coupe as well as thus keyboards, synthesizers and the eighties New Wave fusion electrifying - feels like your endless choices for yearly weekend holiday plans turn out to be so right !!! 

Let's go out again not just around saturday nights but every time you wanted to boogie and having sex, baby ...