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Privilege Of War (Independent 2014)

   Seengen, Aargau of Switzerland has spawning these Thrash Metal troops and products of total bashing metallic sounds remninds you about the mighty seminal modern Slayer with new younger vocalist over Contorsion crew-members: Matthias Eschmann the drummer, Marc Torretti on vocals/guitars, Dani Burkli on bass, Simon Freiburghaus on guitars and Jon Schnider on guitars leading their terrifying stories of mixture between sci-fi and reality as Planet Parasite shows us the humongous mosquito-like terror sucking the blood and core out of our dearly home – leaving us inside living in hellish smaller tortures as many population fights for the last natural resources as well as no more food supplies and fresh water enough for feeding all where others got contaminated too means riots and instability breaks out like the attacking songs of socio-politic and economy imbalance through Big Shot, New World Order, Betrayers of Humanity, Fade Into Oblivion or Gods of The Sun where the entire Rise and Fall of our human races depends on several nuclear-heads targeting the right spots to kill the giant blood-sucking but also polluting our atmosphere forever after that.

Such a worst dilemma in stupidity causes and effects. 

Planet Parasite: