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Precious Seeds (Bandcamp 2015)

A devotional Reggae-roots soulful  band jamming from Glastonbury, UK much appreciated furthering creativity comes first before the stopping for recognitions as these independent grass-rooted starring line-ups from the ensemble teaming of the inner circle: Green T (lead vocals, guitars, percussion), Arjun Magee (drumkit), Susie Ro (lead & harmony vocals), Radek Ditrych (bass, guitar bits), Michael Stanton (keyboards & harmony vocals) to Jacqui Attwood (saxophones, clarinet) performing with talents to gratitudes as anticipated like the assembly additional players from trumpet player Graeme Warner, keyboardist Andreas Millns, Bella Lilley and Camilla Lilley for the harmony vocals, vibraphone player Hugh Jones, guitarist Sadhu Seva to Elma Houghton on saxophone; dealing and deliberating the written licking beats and Caribbean atmosphere or Jamaican-influences stronger blows via Creation as well thus relaxing tropical moods with ideas of smooth smoking weeds or praying for blessing thanks for today with the rhythmic involvement carries your interest reacting and blended onto the feelings of peace and prospers shown by Each Moment, Wake Up, Prayer of Peace, Roots Mama onto Lift Up or Bend The Light might forcing you to accessibly infused to get wet and dancing while painting the essential unique elements and complimented …