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Prauge Toshi (Bandcamp 2017)

Staccato chords and riffs fiercely bursts like thus rhythmic over weird Noise Rock and Punk combining to Shoegaze or Funky Math-Rock by the College Station, Texas with their thanking to their friends and family breaks the silence on making the album as this is what they’re make to giving it to you as fun possible from the hard works off Vistor Leon, David Alvarez and Zach Lannes infusing the starry night dark skies for having wine drinks with lady Diana when Aphrodite wasn’t there to look in jealousy.

Drunk towards the intimacy nite under the millions lights for Interracial Dinorighteous releasing from Interracial Dinonysus do not selling shit stupid on discounts but as the trumpet played by Patrick Doell blows altogether as Overture to Foosball, St(art) S(top), Secret Juice and Yung Pell rocking the stereo in beats and grooves; feels free to saying to yourself that to be number something doing nothing you don’t have to be too damn greedy but creative cause – that terms worked for this crescent moon seducer Pop-Indie album.