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Polno Gorevati (Not On Label 2018)

   Shamanic addition for the magic journey that one needs to take for dilogy second parts of chances in life may started with this playful Neo-Folk paganism of Russian songs to the combinations for traditional and World Music longer paths combining to the great mystic-tinged performance by the trio musician of local wisdom-faith believers in Alexandr Bragin (davul, percussion), Uliana Shulepina (vocals, tlharpa bass, oberton flutes) and Pavel Boev (talharpa, citera, programming) getting through the archetypes kingdom of the other world dimension as the present days standing in between the middle space of future or past as these Slavic Pagan Dark-Folk group – Ochelie Soroki remarkably, in mystic and magic chants release this Istoe – the basic of Norse mythology made in Moscow. 
   Nine pleasant beautiful of stunning earthy record albums as the songs inside may sounded ancient, hypnotizing and whispered thus spells driving away the monotheist beliefs very quick. The harmonic (almost metallic) mid-tempo fast strings and percussion captures your interest in sudden while the non-understandable lyrics seems perfect to send the healer meanings to the correct place while the audience being possessed by the female-voices mysticism of sacred hands to get really lost but found the meaning costs of freedom existence as mankind entirely – after the healing sessions for listening on Manechka, Na Gore Mak, Kolyada, Karyvat’ Moya and Sama Idu – along with the erasing of bad things suffocating your daily breath caused by modernism.