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Polemikanadum (Demajors 2016)

   Unit of the local college crew whom had similar enjoyments for liking the eighties era music sounds as well addition of not permanent on bringing any of The Beatles tracks since the beginning of the formed group and thus reasons ridicules over too much CCTV cameras on their Institute Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ) campus for changing the fun project onto “Awas Sistipsi” while documented their own rehearsal and demoing tapes materials known later as Sisitipsi; Fauzan Lubis, Rian Rahman, Eka Wiji Astanto, Hendar Anggara and Amoroso Romadian to Aditiya Rahman really can be transforming their intrinsic distinctive retro sounds taken from as far as the past of the 50’s to the 80’s within the adding mixes on Bossa Nova, Samba, Swing, Classical, Country and Bluegrass onto Jazz – circulating their menu of musical performance on stage and recording kinds of reminding your grandparents or your hippie uncles/aunties and more oldies loving criminals on the days where everything still too westerners and developed as free as birds and antique lyrics of silly romance of going to the beach or midtown on the weekend while meeting your girlfriends would be the entire greatest moments you ever did for that younger life before reflecting on that beer bottle or cans's logo for better or shitty worst. 

Open your stereo and hear for these mellow-funkies or mid-tempo various genres in one songs like Aroma Dia, Berlabuh Rindu, Rinai (Di Bulan Juni), Alkohol, Lepas Kendali and many more out of 73% (the album) for bahasa lyrics telling you about those silly past everyone used to love to completes.