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Plastic Forgery (Bear Funk 2014)

Contemporary of unique arts maker as Italian producer or sound designer of Venice – Guglielmo Bottin projected his recording releases as Bottin carried sounds of mixed tunes from many branches og musical genre such as Electronic, Disco Club, House Italo and Nu-Dance as one can see through this third albums that having as well Synth-Pop, experimental tunes to House Pop-Electro plus the help from Rodion like on the track of All For One inside the Punica Fides. 

Feels the measurement standard of instrumental sampling mixtures for everyone whom likes Dance Electronic via Flow Of Persuasion, Poison Within, Lies, Spacetime Syndrome to Dirty Continuum. Let the reality falls while the inner products blaze the walls of your favorite clubs having these materials playing for couple hours during your holiday stays in the old-school tempo’s paradise.

Punica Fides: