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Pints Liquor (Black Cats Record Klub 2018)

   Chino, California’s punk-pop rocking groups consisting of Damien (vocals), Paully (guitar/vocals), Timmy (guitar/vocals), Gabe (bass/vocals) and Jimmy (drums) disguising to be the five-piece hooded dressing skeleton crew naming themselves – Horror Squad as releasing the debut record there entitled Death Posi – what the hell that’s really stands for but good as it gets; these Halloween-tinged and teenage flick of horror films influenced band writing their arrangements in quality catchy riffs and harmonic melodies which being representing over the tracks of young-based problems to the more mature adults ones; all been collectively regardless here for your pleasure and pain anthems like Aaron Ohio is For Lovers, I Smoke The Blood, Despicable Broken Machine or Maybe It’s Called Fuck You and Ghost Teenagers in Love blending most of your favorite summer themes around broken-hearted, missing person, adventure and move out somewhere onto the creepy camping that relates or fits within the band’s punkish horror show !

Death Posi: