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Piano Fire Kids (Square Enix 2015)

   Life Is Strange is a kind of “stranger things” happened in Arcadia Bay living for gamers who loved to solving problems about puzzling issues; supernatural suspense or thrilling events as great adventure graphic of a third-person view being told in a perspective of Maxine “Max” Caulfield the twelfth grade student not only did her dialogues exchanged but also travelling to examine or interact for objects located around her and friends or even suspects after the attendance for Blackwell Academy for class photography. 

   Visions that Maxine got of a lighthouse, swelling tornado, witnessing Nathan killing a woman in rage whose turned out to be her childhood friend Chloe but luckily, being saved to reunites as Maxine ability on capacity to travel back in time and reckoning future events gives opportunity for player to play the game in such mysterious story telling with those plenty tons of good Folkish Alternative and soften tracks musical boarding the fueled five different episodes via Local Natives’ Mt. Washington, Jose Gonzalez in Crosses, Alt-J’s Something Good, Got Well Soon by Breton, Bright Eyes for Lua to Mud Flow singing The Sense of Me or Santa Monica Dream and more themed songs written by the composers like William Davies, Edward Nutbrown, Barrie Gledden or Darren Leigh Purkiss onto Save The World, What A Day, Naughty and All Eyes On Me; making the call and sending more explanations about motorhome sneaking, Rachel relationship with Frank, dormitory alternative reality onto paralyzed from the neck down concluding for the kidnapping, the anaesthetises, a shot in the head fro Chloe and the existence prevention choice either sacrificing Chloe to save Arcadia Bay or spare her for the devastation of that place is dreamscape devolves. 

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