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Philthy Right! (Paxico Records 2016)

   Gear-up finals for those whom likely bigger fans on Black mamba or Kobe Bryant because this releasing of Hip-Hop Phvnk Baltimore street sounds from the producer/arranger/artists and rapper stage Mogillah showing the white man heroic last stand near the train wreck subway shooting to fight something horrific – either it was bunch of black dudes trying to mug him down, the suburban mutated monsters or even the living dead or just a coyote attacking on his presence there as the stations stop and defunct while nobody can helping him to get his way to his family except by foot and Rapid Fire moments and album cover is where everything starts or ended. Old-School beats and rhythms coloring the listening times as eleven tracks becomes your chosen few for doing local stuff things around the hood as niggaz and ovrkasts rhyming out via _Hurts-[So Bad], Black Jesus+++, Mathematicks…[Reworked], Petrified, Keys2life… Part2 and Gawd Cypha Divine or Mimosas N Da Mawnin’ catches some chances the next days not some bad news printed again about gang-battle victims or Politikal Science that’s not fuckin’ important to discuss by the ghetto blasters and third world population to make whitey getting richer.

Rapid Fire: