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Phantom Doll (Signature Sounds 2005)

   Don’t belief the old story for telling you differently but as the former head cheer-leading team turning her ways to become a singer/multi-instrumentalist and story-teller woman made Tracy Grammer a fearless navigating figure that you might need to reconsiders would offering you a powerful fine purist musical performance you seek anywhere around that wider territory of Folk-kingdom. The Greenfield, Massachusetts celebrating sessions after her Joan Baez touring across America and festivities performances interpreted over the new story of opening pages after the closed friend’s death and resulting acts of gorgeous championing records on Flower Of Avalon which critically acclaimed under the spotlight for many fans who loves semi-acoustic/Country-tined/Bluegrass and Wiccan beliefs strings and live instruments performance as you can see it through the front cover symbolic artworks as the gift to us from the ancient beliefs.

   Go fascinating yourself on being hypnotized and happy for getting to know the good effects soothing from the lyrics and music off the wiser lady playing her own self-righteous and consciousness on helping to heal the world – starting from the smaller parts by singing the melodious Gypsy Rose, Laughlin Boy, Hard To Make It as well as the interpretations deeper over Shadows of Evangeline, Mother I Climbed and Winter When He Goes; proclaiming the greater inner beauty and intuitions like her major influencing Folk-singers did before her presence…

Flower Of Avalon: