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Pazzida (Not On Label 2014)

   Whether you claiming that she sounded similar to the mixing of Sia meets Bjork meets thus Alternative Pop female figures as the Auckland, New Zealand girl named Chelsea Jade Metcalf turns her own natural looks diving to embracing Dream-Pop sounds as singer and song-writer in case of any anxiety panic attack happened to your life – maybe this recording princess of the lesser unknown can sharing those harmony melodies of becoming Watercolours as aliases but then we should just knowing her as Chelsea Jade. Soft bravery lead vocals in smooth sweetening musical productive work not biasing any false disadvantages but an EP called he Portals could getting even unique or weird as well as wiser to listen fitting for those lonely girls with health problems, being bullied because of her lacks of something extra-ordinary or even living in the ordinary world can harmful for some – that’s why Watercolours will be the solo project from Chelsea to telling you about Last Night, Sliders, Danger Ocean or Kyoto Train mess-made and often, the realm of society judge and kills its own youth but not Indie Pop Electronic  which care more on us and giving their songs to soothing the smallest things to grow back.

The Portals EP: