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Parton Grossman Dolly (Not On Label 2016)

Liking Graveyard Johnnys, Seven Crowns, State of Decay to The Domestics and Wonk Unit to ROTPM and heavily into tattoos, drunk sick for being line dancing and bee hives romantic fictions basic inspirations for lyrics and mead wine dogging to sewing even satan’s worshiping would love to liking these horrible Thrasher Skate-Punks noises under one minutes duration as The Dot’s Sammy Two Cabs on bass, growling to Jimmy No Whammy on guitars/howling and Danny Bang Bang for playing fast drums on their gigs as Pizzatramp giving the alcoholic efforts and amount for some money play as rolls everywhere with greatest punk band, most drink and drugs consumed as well as shortest time spending in studio awards. 

Not easily understandable like your Blink tunes but crashed party of teenage-Jason Vorhees’ drunk collapsing friends doing their silly thing for Late Night At Nettys has made the three chords a mean streets sound in South Wales as fast and curious loads the excitement in Hardcore Punk shows blowing the tracks like The Fuck You Song, Uncooperative Co Op Cunt, Emmy The Chemist, Photo Wanker and Knuckle Dragger; beats your big bully brother face like a donkey powerful kicks and bleeding mouth is the answer everyone’s looking for through the smaller mosh-pit trap deliveries ! 

Late Night At Nettys: