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Paris Curiosity Gets (Warner Bros. Entertainment 2005)

   When the night falls, the group of teenagers whose on their way to watch a football game in Louisiana must sets camp with things and fouls being happened along the tales around the fire-woods burning, unsafe sex and more ridiculous turning creepy surrounding Carly Jones, Nick the twin brother, Wade, Paige with Blake and Dalton as stranger truck shining lights on them and stayed annoying until the thrown that broke the headlights drove it away only to concluded in the next morning – the group’s car tires belt broken did by someone. A pit filled animal carcasses rotted and the rescuing rural man named Lester taken Carly and Wade to the nearby town of Ambrose for fixing their car. The ghost town welcomes them with empty streets and gas station but Bo the local mechanic promised to help them after the funeral at the church; leads the couple to visiting the strange House of Wax museum seeing bizarre statues and horrid arts inside the scary building before found out they need to go to Bo’s house for measurement of the right tire size where they met Vincent – the disfigured face twin brother conjoined to Bo’s head bursting fear for Carly whom runs away to the church for helps but only finding waxed statues sculptured inside. Wade being straps naked and injected by molten wax as covered as well while the other kids arrived in Ambrose as Nick visiting the gas station didn’t notice Carly being kept held downstairs with lips glued and tortured Dalton finds Wade but unintentionally removing his waked skins before Vincent slashed them both with machete.
   This remake story of the classics old horror film also got the creepy soundtrack composed by John Ottmen instrumentally terrorizing you up through Ritual/Escape From The Church, They Look So Real, Sealed Lips, Up In Flames, Story Of The Town and more since the started even so the role plays didn’t look so originals by some but still – Vincent rampage attacks on the campsite while Paige and Blake having sex as he kills them both in cold-blooded acts before comes back and chasing Carly and Nick inside the House Of Wax. On the top floor Nick whom already sets the place on fire and melts most parts of it fighting Vincent as Carly stabs him, letting Vincent body fell and lading on Bo’s corpse with the two survivors going out off that melting to the ground wax house. Police shows up and the tales of the third son of the Sinclair which is Lester waving goodbye to the ambulance carried the survivors …