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Panther Sweat (Hollywood Records 1992)

   Brendan McNichol on guitars, Kerry Furlong on drums, Jeff Meundel on organ as well as Roger Deering on vocals and bass guitar formation on Rattlebone – the US glamour Hair Metal with the edge of Rock n’ Roll and Boogie Psychedelic taste in order of Hard Rock to Heavy Metal pointy era from the early nineties bringing the band’s self-titled recording EP with your favorite rocking and head-bang party or radio espresso sounds to the wicked long-haired crew anywhere to cranking this aloud mini recording. 

   Volume dealer and catchy melodies like The Beatles doing their heavier, glamour and sleazier materials there singing and scream about X-Ray Eyes, Society Dog or Cities on Flame for good. Don’t you worry because everything still alright in rebel-popular life style on that particular blast-days of a generation life proud music licks in the making.