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Out To Lunch Joby Talbot (Universal/Republic Records 2016)

   How the animated animals will turning your interests for talent shows, business gone wrong as well as the daily problems facing everyone to reach for their starry dreams as following the clever world of mister Buster Moon the koala whose owning the theater had this idea for expands his visions of an entertainer via hosting the competition in the funny wiser movie and much filling up by greatest singers, artists and hits on Sing (The Movie) as all the most citizen gathered for the auditions but only those lucky ones can passing the straight selective judgment from Mr. Moon himself and his assistant the oldie hag chameleon Miss Crawly with Punk-Rock porcupine girl Ash (even got mocked by her boyfriend telling her sell-out) to the piglets duet Rosita the housewife having 25 children pairing up with the dancer metropolis male Gunter to the street musician Mike The Mouse with his voice reminds you about Frank Sinatra onto young mobster gorilla Johnny later on the shy elephant girl Meena joining the complete casts right after she fails for stage fright returning first as the stage roadie crew hired by Mr. Moon but the wrongly extra printing mistakes shows more zeroes over $ 100,000 price money did surprising everyone before the troubles came in with Mike being a big mouth losing the bet on gambling table and messing with the bear gangs claiming the singing contest prize would be his but the box broke down by the mobs leaving everyone to see there’s nothing inside and the next disaster happens as the stage background glass cracks and flooding the entire theater with no mercy; destroying the old building down parts by parts and leaving Buster Moon back to the minus level down.
   Former opera artist Nana Noodleman finally, wanted to help Buster to remaking his dreams not on car wash but amazingly would cheering up the contestants and the city audiences for the real show reschedule as every problems like Johnny’s dad getting to prison for robbing gold failure, Rosita family living went bored, Mike debts, and Meena self-confidence solving as they’re all performing in all out spirits and encouragement ever witness by the spectators like the best show ever in town with Various Artist like Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, The Spencer Davis Group, Taron Egerton onto Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon as well as Tori Kelly or Jennifer Hudson and Seth MacFarlane along with Matthew McConaughey doing well for voice starring over Sing. Around The World (Intro), Hallelujah, My Way, Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing, The Wind, I’m Still Standing, Shake It Off, Set It All Free and Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight shall put your lovely movie time with kids and family more sparkles this perfect year for another try on chances ! 

V.A Sing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):