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Oto Davar (Independent 2018)

   In search for love processing as young artist living in the city surrounding by boring continuity might needing an overcoming for making ears helpful on compositing and listen again as the grooves or funky dreamy Nu-Jazz, Neo-Soul to Psychedelic Hip-Hop and Rn’B made from the music by Jenny Penkin and Sol Monk of Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel really must have your attention in previous or latter matters because they’re freaking good unique and being blessed for her soulful voice and talents in blending vinyl drum samples, vibes spacing time to acceptance identity of the originals with Sol Monk playing drums, Tomer Bar doing his keys/synth-bass/vocoder and composing or Elyasaf Bashari (bass), Yonatan Albalak (keyboards), Nomok on piano; violinist Yogev Glusman as well as listed of credits for tracks on Him, On The Other Hand - portraying Jenny sitting in wait in front of her own worldly scene mall arguing to the surroundings in good artistic sounds of music via Game No Mo, Trouble Instead or Born Last Night.

Exclusively, born in Moscow but raised in Bat-Yam; graduated from Rimon to Barklee ...

Him, On The Other Hand: