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Orphans Chasers (Walt Disney Records/Pixar 2015)


   Farmers family of Apatosaurus consisting of Henry the dad, and wife Ida with three children Buck, Libby and little Arlo – being hard adjusts his family life activity everyday difficult tasks like setting trap as he found out a caveboy stealing corns and ate them inside the family’s clay-house as his father asking him to tracking the human creature closer to the ravine of pine-woods area as the heavy raining stormy comes in shocking thunders and flash flooding wiped out his father leaving the scared Arlo fearful for the sky roaring thunders and windy storm with black clouds for the rest of his lives.
   The Good Dinosaur is a children film that shows the grown up responsible fully loaded fun and friendships over the adventuring against fear itself for our little ones befriended at last – Arlo chasing the caveboy as he blaming him for the death of his beloved dad but slipped and swept back to the river because he cannot swim and knock out unconscious until tomorrow sees how the caveboy saving the dinosaur and feeding him with food or berry tree.
   The entire soundtrack release compositions wrote by the Danna brothers: Jeff and Mychael scoring for instrumentals via orchestrating songs of melodies and suspense thrill telling us the story of how The Good Dinosaur saving the day and his friend from the hungry mobs of flying monster pterodactyls capturing Spot the caveboy and brought him up the mountain high as the storm strikes again. Homestead, Chores, Fireflies, Critter Problem, You’re Me and More through Swept Away and Pet Collector shows the audience that the spoiled Arlo manage to mingled with new people and becoming mature by time go running faster with the herder guardians of T-Rex family with gentlemen manners fighting the evil ostrich-mixed raptors asking Arlo to join them crossing the land with hundred of their herbivore cattle grassing or gathering before the time limit’s ended. 
   Later on after Arlo fights the gangs of flying tricksters and freeing Spot back; the ending for them turn out to be bitter sad but Arlo can be that relieved to let his beloved new little friend go and saying Goodbye Spot as the rescue plan works but the caveman calls with his approaching small family crossing the next highland tells Arlo in tearful that this is his last journey home leaving Spot away but meeting back with Mother and two siblings – making his own mark for returning grown up wiser now.

The Good Dinosaur (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):