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Oracion (B-Core Disc 2018)

The composition is there played the fine odd tunes of impressionist Pop-Folk or Psychedelic Spanish traditional sounds blended through sweeter orchestra, semi-acoustic melancholy and piano tinged possession off Alberto Montero’s music production here with Laura Amanda Agusti on violins, Sergio Sanchez on viola, violoncello plays by Adrian Gonzalez to Roman Gil on guitars/bandoneon/percussion to Xavi Munoz on bass, drums by Marcos Junquera and Eloy Bernal on this releasing record of open-minded by these good musician from Valencia or Puerto de Sagunto; giving us La Catedral Sumergida with its sacred symbolic out of the dark blue and pleasing most of the listeners whom loving for mixing kinds of Pop sounds with Classic total Folkish musical for the knowledge of the ocean, the star constellation and the sun point through some beautiful Spanish lyrics and gorgeous vibe in sounds via Credo, Poseidon, Confesion, La Llamada, Resolucion to some more alike Te Veo Alberto or Transfiguracion. 

Piano led performance and haunting soft vocals might be your guidance to walk the aisle or tunnel of empty noises but natural breathing whisper, garden of the lost souls or even space out of this crowded planet – somewhere like moving to another dimension of peaceful kingdom behind the old movie backdoor while hearing this record. 

La Catedral Sumergida: