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Optic Nerve (Self-Released 2013)

   The Russian Federation lesser-known music providing in soften, slower tunes management of the mixes of Lo-Fi piano; instrumental experimented Ambient and Pop-binary Synths or Indie Rock models for Congeniality seems to opening plenty questions to you and most of the listeners on Kyonil’s sounds. Nothing really closed to admitting about the background trusts over this project but as the moaning sounds of emptiness bursts within accordion or ship’s of fools alarm breaking the silence – things just about to reveals in order of monochromatic skies leaving only one single organism grows in waiting for the new lights after the cold fusion nuclear endless wars ended for about a decade. Swim Out and Expanse, Clock over Ray; Transition on The Night onto F.60.6 as well as Awaken may not truly, gives us chance to breed again but at least you can seeing the reachable aspect on how on earth we used to threatening the planet before it is turned barren and unpredictable …