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Omnivorous Haemorrhage 911 (Independent 2016)

   The double troubled souls whom making their kinds of groovy Grindcore/Death Metal fusion there for the music that these Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Oblast in unsigned mute moments truly producing the very undeniable devastated sounds made by Alexey Miroshin on all instruments with Nadezhda Pototskaya on grind-growled vocals as Fatal Ferocity of Russia chopping and mutilates the victim of their latest experimental underground labs ex-communist era’s hidden power as this thirteen tracks on fast/dangerous/blasphemous digital-timing and double pedals to brutal riffs and performances did welcoming you to steps in the horror-tinged lyrics tales and unfortunate feeling events for the tortured men from living person into dead meats – rotted or preserved under the disgusting frames of musical sickness carried by Carnal Catharsis recording tracks like Maze of Death, Putrefying Purgatory, Paroxysm of Agony, Good Job, Decaying Flesh and Hellhole among others.

Whether one can escaping this lair or not but your choice weren’t farther than Suicide Slaughterer to Sadistic Orgasm under the psycho's rules afterwards !

Carnal Catharsis: