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Olympia Stadion (Not On Label 2015)

   Freezing your chilled back and the heater’s dead in the middle of nowhere as Analog Music to Dark Synth-wave, New-Retro wave to horror stuff are related and from Paris, France these Parisien crew on Synth-Wave duet manages to skilled takes the good parts of nite-terrors noises or territory music straight from the 80’s within no shitloads for the version of greater songs like John Carpenter’s works as well as Dance floor anthems of mysterious mystic cults themed brought by those unknown duo of The Hunt with their guns and axe releasing the Revengers Of The Darkness LP closely, low and creepy sounds mesmerizing the listeners for high-quality tempered standard stepping New Wave dance moods for murder acts lasted in another forty-eight hours gone as Brain Test, Seul Contre Tous, Angoisse, Mutation onto Pacific Coast Highway and Flaque or RFI rolls the darkened roads within scary tunes turning to modern beats and grooves proving that you cannot really recognizing the real event timeline killer by surprises.

They will showed up towards you when life’s been really in good condition shapes before things went crazy as the madmen on their loose behind the mists – straight to your place.

Revengers Of The Darkness LP: