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Oceans Of Time (Not On Label 2016)

   Original one man-based for Athens forming project named Cygnosic or real name of the main person behind it – Georg Psaroudakis whose putting much efforts for Industrial demise musical sounds on his several albums like this latest one which carrid still – the EBM/Electronic Industrial with harsh vocals through CygnosiC’s releasing of the very radish sensual artworks cover for Siren. Furious beats monotonous like the angry machines cost your time to follows the interpreted meanings about our existence as well as the themes of both futuristic and present days whirling through the busting tunes of attractive seduction noises on electronic and other samplings to synthesizers and live equipments birthing these tracks listing from The Swarm, Survive, Deadly Affair, Aftermath to What Matters, Unbroken and Free – all causing and affecting the minds of the audiences sooner or later.

The experiments project that seems to be so beautiful but deadly for the same time is being Reborn … 

Siren (extended edition):