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Obsequies (Iron Shield Records 2017)

   Black Book: Chapter One bearing the original founded on hold evil-incarnated presence on thus composed efforts by these Piombino (Livorno), Tuscany – Italy crew members of their Speed/Heavy Metal fantasy, battles or historic themed music sounds written as creepier but also harmonic performance on trio of Classics Heavy Rock and metallic speeder off Francesco Taddei (drums), Dario “Destroyer Rostix” on bass as well as Hammerhead the guitarist/vocalist trying not to but influenced heavily by legendary names of Motorhead and lighter Judas Priest version performing the atmosphere destine dimensional council of the deader realm and dedication through-out the entire Heavy Metal world bands out there for keeping up the true faith in louder crushing music staying underground beneath the feet of the devil as opens the beginning steps of terror by horror-based spoken words or the louder volume sonic distortion and solos following the track-listing songs like They… Among Us raising question about who’s that might be or Midnight Traveller that closely, tells us about time travel or dark magic ride; Turn To The Fire felt like you surrendering towards the master and On The Divine Battlefield means a ceremonial on blood-spilling the land to make it fertile again. Angel Martyr harvesting no more than some smaller listening audience to this even though there should be no bad things to compare for the releasing full-length for you to collect.

Black Book - Chapter One: