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Northport Sunset (Not On Label 2018)

   Welcoming back the resurfacing survivals of Party Hard Rock and Heavy Metal-Pop tunes stumbled through the new millennium era with these New Yorker’s Melodic Hard Rock driving hooks and sing-along choruses and catchy lead guitars hanging around the days of disco and stick with the facts that Rock is (never) really dead in work ethic as dragging the band’s second recordings by formation on flexing the speakers and infectious thrills popular beats stands with the leadership founder off Emi Asta or Tony Baptist and tons of Lynch Mob clashes with Pat Benatar music over More Then The Moon album pumps Glam metallic Hard Rock fuse in simplicity cranking high tones and pitched six-strings on Cost Than The Sand, I Won’t Break Your Heart, Easier Said Than Done, Lie To You onto I Don’t Mind and Always Be A Part Of Me – reminding the memories about your eighties to the nineties girls collections and how to get them in rocking outfits to the atmosphere being builds from Station (crew) to inviting us go sing-along loud with them by the music.

More Than The Moon: