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No Fear Of Sun (Bandcamp 2018)

   Similar to the terrifying Synth-Pop/Industrial Trance-Rave fusion version on Cirque Du Soleil responding claimed to be an Electronic Dark project based for anti-reasons as being arranged and written by the duo names of Jonathan Kaplan and Sebastian Komor as been mixed and mastered through various places over Toronto, Canada. This harmonic project called For All The Emptiness releasing their recording album on Circus Of Gods as penetrating your stereo system with the blending sounds taken from Electronic Rock, Dance-Electric, Progressive House and Industrial New Wave mixed well by the experts and presenting these fire-dancing anthems of total universal pole-dance themes and spiritual beliefs in many forms through the opener - Entrance, Gods Amongst Men, Taking Back Control, Heaven Has Lost Its Mind and No Words Of Power and In Service To The Gods may causing some more hallucinating images for your weaken eyes to see the visions like they did.

Circus Of Gods: