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Nine Sorrows (Xperiment XIII 2016)

   Swedish killer productive assets again caught one and more fanatic Industrial Electro and Death Rock fans on the collective mastered fascinating Goth harmonic meets the sensual Dance and Heavy Metal distortion like a wounded mutant clinic soundtrack into harsh Electro variant and visual talented flairs with the group’s screamo-growler cross-check vocals and blasting beats as well as synthesizers breaking borders and written of self-tortures or demise living with guitar works like shockwaves towards the depressing atmosphere carried in by the record tricks for the mythical seductive and devastating dark to dirtier mixes and pulsing beat transformations about Industrial/Witch House trademark tracks; In The Shadows, Breaking The Girl, Vanta Black, Legion, Black Widow and Virgin Blood consuming your enthusiasm or spirits slowly little by little resulting best regarding an EBM/Dark-Electro horrors or Black Metal electronic as painful by pleasure for stereo system as thus nudity female vocalist – Johanna Brandell form, begging you to stop willing and stripped with her – making sins inside Outcasts And Freaks releasing by the Parasite Of God unit.

Outcasts and Freaks: