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Nihil Strength (Self-Released 2018)

   One man from San Diego had made up off mechanical engineer becoming artist is Tristan Shone giving the perfect name for his Industrial Doom Metal project – Author & Punisher doing the absurd best crushing beats of mayhem machines meet Heavy Metal mutations as this thing keeps on making the creations on recording since two-thousand five era. Take a chance to having your live being ruined by thus unpleasant performance of the explosive metallic Doom and Industrial grooves on the latest recording release from Author & Punisher over Beastland where the audience would totally, bash and cannot find the way back since they’re dare to entering the border for meeting the guardian in gas masked and the barren landscape. Eight tracks of definite doomsday themed and manufactured of fear to chaos are here to ripping you off from ears to the hearts within blasts after blasts did fucking well by The Speaker is Systematically Blown, Apparition, Night Terror to Nazarene and Ode To Bedlam; went progressive in such a terrible turning point telling the entire stories like the mass-murderer disaster struck down and uncountable for such any scientific reasons but noises reacts may causing it.