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Nieba Abraz (Self-Released 2014)

   Having their provision of intelligence to unique Rock style as one knowable performers group off Belarus; in euphoric language locals new staging lyrics and Indie Pop scene to grab as gathering more of their national fans and trying to go international is these Bristeil completed with the formats of Aleh Vial the band leader, Alex Stephanovich, Gena Lukashanets and Max Bykau hailed themselves in good catchy musical performance off Minsk; carrying the releasing an ep album called Cyrulnia Svietu that might constantly, blur talks about flat earth facts wrapped onto thus popular semi-ballad electri-coustic with all music written by Aleh Vial and the covering for Videa Hulni (Video Games) from Lana Del Rey hits to Hair Peace Salon coverage Pa-Za Casam and even their original material like Heta Mahcyma in three minutes and twenty-eight seconds gives a hint that these kids are good and talented to be nominated as opening of the year as famous in national music portal admiring them!

Cyrulnia Svietu: