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Neglected Ordinary (RCA/19 Recordings 2007)

   Only finishing the second place in American Idol really doesn’t seemingly a bad luck for the born always like beauty pageant queen looking Katharine Hope McPhee and correctly, this mature babe answering the media critics while later she brings her favorable popular music recording debut under Katharine McPhee as possessing many listeners on both genders to liking her the way she’s really are onto this blending of RnB to Swing to Ballads and sensual vocals with kinds of dancing ability beats before decided to testing her roles for in some movies as well. You will asking for no more but these absolute beautiful vocals and sexy sounds over Not Ur Girl, Home, Open Toes, Over It, Dangerous, Better Off Alone and of course, the radio hits single which claiming her first place in Pop Music dominion – the perfect dance-able Love Story !