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Nambored (Hot Wax 2017)

Definitely not those recording artists off the infamous Warped Tour session but the reluctant biscuits offers from this younger Johnny Rotten meets Velvet Underground in local accent lyrics shouts led The Chats as one of the unknown names out from Sunshine Coast, Australia releasing the ugly home-made situation works in that broken television children drawing like the band of Josh Price, Matt Boggis and Earnon Sandwith three-piece acting a Pub-Punks kids playing nonsense but portraying truth of their daily boring routines and Nazi March written on thus composites tracks of short-timing messages for How Many Do You Do, Casualty and the favorable kicking end weekdays thru zig and zags of the crowds or none via Smoko. Recorded by Fin Wegener as the warning label shows about your silly rebels locale alerts ! 

PS. (Go) Listen (not) to Get This In Ya ...

Get This In Ya: