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Myself Destruction (Self-Released 2013)

   A lot heavier version of our beloved Linkin Park deserved well as those good stuff written and arranged there by the band themselves – From Ashes To New’s self-titled extended play record goes straight coming out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania on meaningful solid gearing tunes with positive words to share, refreshing and betterment directions for everyday struggles as uplifting or thrive listed themes about broken families, unstoppable burning desire and bleak prospects of post-industrial working class problems in terms of lyrics strengthen and group-formation for vocalist/guitar player/keyboardist and programming in Matt Brandyberry, Danny Case (vocals) as well as Lance Dowdle on guitars and Mat Madiro behind the drums on this EP recording displaying the figure of the last survivor off the new destroyed world tales of sorrow and hopes through Stay This Way, Live Again, I Will Show You or My Fight – means a lot for giving your American dreams sparkles again in reality, right !

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