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My Shroud (The Flenser 2018)

   Strange name this Bosse-De-Nage hailed off Bay Area – place for underground Heavy Metal extreme to be nourished well since decades as bringing their Post-Black Metal killer outfit without any corpse-paint masks personnel activate these power-some tools and Post-hardcore perversions, absurdity, post-modernism and existentialism on rough hallucinating our centuries like torments as the narrator for novels exploited or Dr. Faustroll opinions about Alfred Jarry works took by the band for their own name; actually a characterized invisible monkey that perhaps, swimming and bumps as other influences from favorite literature such as Reage, Baudelaire, Nin or Bataille evidences the commence written themes or lyrics that much no avoiding by the group releasing the authentic newest records full length on Further Still which carried not only total Black Metal typhoon sounds within double pedals and screaming raw vocals monotonously as well as the progression groovy and choruses of unashamed dying hand crossing the red spot from the other side as Crux, Down Here, Dolorous Interlude, Listless until Sword Swallower and Vestiges blistering you with the rest of the listeners A Faraway Place deeper to The Trench which nobody knowing its name or for some who did know about – the unspeakable name should leads them into oblivion results. 

Further Still: