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Muspellsheimr (Bandcamp 2015)

   Somehow this one man project of Halindir playing the dreamy Folk of Mythology and Pagan Nordic Folk with Viking-heritage beliefs themed seems to get thor’s eye-brows rising in questions on why and when to where this things started to opening the lost gates to his home-place again or is it impossible. 

   Denamrk or Aarhus to be exact spawning the ideas for Christian Gronning to recording this softer, sacred and epic seminal sounds like the version why Led Zeppelin choose sometimes playing in acoustic or traditional values because the audience can really feel the entire different realm commencing via the Midtjylland rare exporting musical package further not too contains too noisy blasts and cracking breaks but low-profiling medieval drum-beats and flute-sections towards The Nine Realms of the universally tree of life brought its Dungeon-Synth civilized beat per beats as turning things instrumentals serving thus white-dressing dancers thanking Odin and the gods for giving them once again harvest months and thus stories about or around Biforst I, Vanaheimr, Miogardr, Jotunheimr, Hel thorugh Nioavellir back to the beginning of the end misses by the elders while telling the destruction of odin and his palace by the underworld ruler still shed a tear for some. 

The Nine Realms: