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Mummy’s Spectres Coven (Duplicate Records 2018)

   Creepy basher and fast loading on the band’s insanely murderous kinds of Classic Black Metal taken their inspiring emotions via Slayer’s Show No Mercy to Repentless as the Norwegian crew of Extreme Heavy Metal goes striking the world right from their headquarters on Haugesund and epical soloist medley and upgrading tempos for not building the castle of the olden day curses in the middle of Romania but here in front of the battling record from Shakma consisting for M. Runic (vocals, lead guitars), L. Udjus (rhythm guitars), A. Runic (drums) and S. Golden (bass) in their releasing full-length debut album within Black Metal and Thrash through the darkened devastating Midnight Mass, Knife of The Prowles, Into The Fiery Death and Deadly Spawn among other anti-religious themed metallic tracks written by Shakma the trio. 

Evil began to possessing those house of many moonlight legends tales telling stories and spreading terror for your late night sleeping. 

Like curses following the chosen ones to be sacrificed. 

House Of Possession: