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Mugshot (Virgin/Hut Recordings 1994)

   U.D.S or Urban Dance Squad got their good timing while after being formed then releasing their best debut filling on Alternative Rock meets Pop-Rap or some might following the music media calling it Rap-Rock as Arjen De Vreede, Michel Schoots, Patrick Tilon to Rene van Barneveld and Silvano Matadin of their Dutch-background roots liking plenty various musical materials means that the ideas here to combining Hardcore/Heavy Metal/Funk/Hip-Hop/Reggae and Ska-Jazz to Soul really possible to happens as the band’s fourth album might also giving the less-attractions for the fanatic fans but as the new fans arrived by being attracted to the groovy greasy distorted and popular empowering sounds mixtures for Persona Non-Grata existence granted the continuity on how Alternative Metal and Rap-Core keep on flaming the cranking sounds to the open air just like the poverty and freedom is slightly have a thin meaning red line to share to public but protesting and daily problems needing solutions as well as breaking limits punked up tempos bustles thru Good Grief!, No Honestly!, Candy Strip Exp., Selfsuficient Snake, Alienated and (Some) Chitchat or Hangout seems cannot really battling the first single of the band onto radio and television to catching fire with the audiences liking it for weeks  and you may remembered head-banging on the streets forced by Demagogue – as fierce hot as Old-School and Nu-School fusion hurricane culture.

Persona Non Grata: