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Motel Howie Mobile (Asian Man Records 2002)

Smile and jumping higher as you following the sign of Melodic Punk Rock music spreading like a blast of dynamites brought to the surface and to your stereo system via these Japanese bilingual band – calling themselves Nicotine whose having quite similarity to be considered themselves as half NOFX version off Chiba but also not really doing just a copy-cat(ing) sounds or style from several experiences on joining Warped Tour with plenty international bands as Nicotine’s spikey hair looks original just like the tempos of fast-drumming and great licks founding through the recording studio album as the sixth ones for them on Samurai Shot that actually, giving a great sense of traditional capability for Japanese to went international nowadays and Nicotine has showing us that they would be the one and the rest shall follows.

Cool drumming and heavy riffs to the harmony vocals in English and Japanese onto Bio Blood Society, 300 Perfect Game,  Flash Back, Jimmy is My Punk Rock Brother and many more as well as the neat recording products to how you would loved to see Japanese Music getting bigger than ever because they’re a real hard-worker and we needs more from them as they’re assimilated from the West World cultural and music to making them – theirs ! 

Samurai Shot: