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Monday The Suck (Leaf 2011)

   Malcolm Pardon Peder Mannerfelt of the Swedish Electro-Pop duo named Roll The Dice from Stockholm may had their eponymous darkened and contemplative comparable warmth and moody feelings intact as recalls the explorations of cosmic via the closer influences taken from Tangerine Dream or Cluster as a headed blends between propulsion beats of Electronic experimental and Pop sounds over Krautrock Ambient stake-holds might going to stop the factory workers from polluting the earth and leave the building as the green spacing with trees and plants growing even further as messages being send to the world – controlling the masses minds for not destroying but starts to preserving the means for everything along with the releasing of In Dust as the pleasant career for Roll The Dice to reacting as a role model and giving their musical performance an addition of positive thinking themes and courageous ideas arrangements above those tunes like Iron Bridge, Calling All Workers, Maelstorm, The Skull is Built into The Tool, Evolution, Cause and Effect as well as Dark Thirty which progressively, burning the essential fuel that used to be pack for long terms off duration and short intensity over this drawing futuristic musical performance fits for the opening of the longest tunnel man-made somewhere inside Switzerland. 

In Dust: