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Mist 03:12 (Akromegalie Records 2017)

   Fresh fruits with no vegetables and there’s a glass of white wine or champagne surrounded by those cut-open pumpkins, thus excellent plums within pears and lemonade to strawberry symbolizing the best wealthy parted times for “The Chronic” vinyl entitled as Radio Juicy presents made by the creative minds from Lex (de Kahlex) doing the abstracting fusion or seasonal recording project borrowing the most intrigue but interesting harmonic collective for instrumentals blended with Jazz or Japan D-Day one through the helps from friends like Uyama Hiroto or Fat Jon producing this Hip-Hop/Rap kinds of relaxing tempo in turns for more than eight artists as produced/arranged and mixed by Lex (de Kalhex) encoding limited box edition strongly enlarge in size as you turning on the volumes over Surrounding, Green and Signs.

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