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Misfit Rise Up (GMM Records 1998)

   For the favorable trusty Punk-Rock like Rancid, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers to thus Rock N’ Roll neat-anthem superstars like Social Distortion, those Garage-Rock scene and Mr. Presley’s edgier version is the products of anticipation and ordered altogether in melodic riffs and solo harmonies that attracting the audiences which performs by the quartet Jason Messina, Mike Mardsen, Mark Lind and Mike O’Leary for their Boston’s Punk sounds as The Ducky Boys. 

   Not for the right-winged marches gone wrong or the solution of destruction but positive moments written into songs for the second album Dark Days (remastered) by the displaying of that convertible white car means they can go everywhere without bordering in musical by clashed class of listeners really suits onto the atmosphere portrays under thus title-tracks of struggling, protests to daily stories for modern day issues needing good justification as solution not empty promises broken may ringing them bells via Out Of The Rut, Do You Wrong, Fourteen, We’ll Find A Way, All For One & One For All as well as Another Day, A Better Life and The Ballad of The Forgotten in choir of rebellious acts one cannot asking for more as simple and honest and listenable like this releasing. 

Thanks fucking a lot !!! 

Dark Days: