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Mild Zepp (Bandcamp 2018)

   Stoney melodies and Psychedelic back-ups; softer ethic with drum-beats as well as the carrier of weirdness musical sounds production in current scene which delivers louder bouquets of floral and tunes like The Beatles crossing breeds within Husker Du and harmonic Garage Shoegaze and Space Rock onto Fuzz Garage and northwest – Seattle’s Art-Rock of watching the Saturday Morning and consuming bowl of mushrooms as Tiiime being the good hope and health in gleefully chopped and screwed just like the voices of irritation and bitter of narcotic’s aura reader used to did as a long prayer but with the accompanied of the tracks by Ah God (band) here: Looser Eye, Another Planet, New Fast Slow, Back On My Block and Wet Pink Light and Dibby’s Always Like… might winning the best apocalyptic records. Layered vocals and plenty fresh fruits before hunger strikes. Be and joining the clown, skull-face and happy monster to partying out your Wednesday night – drawing for the missing Oregon-connection.