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Mercedes Benz (Woolgoose Records 2014)

   Lisa Wagner and Mona Wagner is the twin-siblings forming their duo as MonaLisa Twins as they’re doing their own favorable recording for this MonaLisa Twins Play Beatles & More showing the girls skillful ventures on the influenced musical song-written heroes for them in various genres presenting Rock N’ Roll and Beat Music through others like Folk, Psychedelic, Blues, Latin and Jazz Swing as inspiring possible to entertaining the audience not just for being beautiful and good sense of music performance but as well famous picking on songs from not just The infamous Fab-Four of Liverpool but also US greatest beat-maker such as The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry and Buffalo Springfield to Janis Joplin. 

   The harmonic vocals duet, retro sounds to thus many favorites compilation cover of the 60’s in studio or live recording there bursts joy smiling and happiness over the memorable nostalgia featuring Can’t Buy Me Love, Day Tripper, Blackbird, Friday on My Mind, In My Life, Drive My Car, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and The Last Time – perfectly should be your consideration to giving this album as a good gift for your parents wedding anniversary or to someone with a gladly heart by taste on being a reviving musical lover since the old days before Woodstock and after the nineties passes.