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Massacre Human (Macabre Mamantos 2010)

   Skins as well hearts will be shattered quick with the displaying of these Niigata’s Slamming Brutal Death Metal crew whom consisting for Haruka Kamiyama, Takahashi, Takashi and Takumi Akatsuka deranged themselves completely devastating in any kinds order you can mention about them as Gorevent – the mighty crusher unit already devastates many festivities of the underground over many places and right now through the occult-based thoughts writing issues and themes still surrounding torture, killings, mutilation rituals and gore-grinds to the releasing of this second efforts in Worship Paganism for you to witnessing the leader of black-cult brotherhood celebrating their masses inside the secret temple and offering the nude virgin to the high almighty master of the universal dark realms as all the torches enlightened like lucifer’s spears and the unholy candle shall be burning the innocent body of the passed out or possessed female figure after the anointed oil pours before that. 
   Grinding blasts and explosive beaters runs chasing the ghastly night shadows and growlers breaking the entire silence continued by those boar-sounds roaring lyrics about blasphemy and bloody torturing activities like they used to be doing via Metaphoric Sadness, At The Time For A Killing or Clubbing To Death differs the diminishing of your entire lame-ass modern civilized people under the occult eclipse moon of blood-bath soon to be gory succeeded.

Worship Paganism: