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March Of Tides (Melodic Revolution 2018)

   Some Progressive Rock fans would love to have the music programs off Bomber Googles on their catalogs while some might telling that this sounds are too soft for youngsters but the oldies shall approving that the Southern Californian Peter Matuchniak (guitars), Steve Bonino (bass), Vance Gloster (keyboards) and Jimmy Keegan (drums) and Barry Wood (mix & master) would becoming a great unit working together as total musical which inspired by the likes on Styx, King Crimson, Genesis, Mike Oldfield and ELP comes alive there within thus releasing pictured of a cubic metropolis of the near future flooding earth made by humanity their own self-sufficient floating island cities named Gyreland. Precision of emotion and written-based feelings on tales really getting done in those thirteen tracks listed songs composed for the story continues among the debris of pacific rim continent as innovations, attractions and Invasion powering the chance to reign the ocean vast now as the people having no armies or weapons but will to do it. 

Same like the band itself – Bomber Goggles that occurs there on this Renewed World on the continues Building over the Land Of Plastic as The World We Really Want gets the Uneasy Truce against the separation of differences creating Triangle Of Power as the slogan for We Are Not Alone isn’t as good as peaceful like the band’s harmonic vocals or soft composing tunes collections showcase for a greater public advantages.