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Manhood Thrust (Lord Of The Sick Recordings 2018)

   Ordinary humans would have their ear-drums broken as well as the disturbance and destroyer sounds being produced by the track-listing Extreme Metal and Brutal Grindcore as sicker as your imagination on thus patients inside the asylum which describing how Insidious Squelching Penetration did their double duo incorporating horrendous aspects via Worthless for drums and vocals and Butt Rot on guitars; writing the band’s very fucking shorts songs of everything you ever hated in this life according to yourself which everyone do have but you’re not just being growling from the beginning opener Of Fervid Tongues & Gnashing Teeth, The Suction of Rectal Exsection, Sodomising Despoliation Until I’m Content (Suicidally Self-Raping Bleed Out), A Creature Composed of Lips Genitals Thrashing Limbs and Puckering Anuses; Molestation Manifested in The Doorway to Eternal Penetration as well as Penis Snipped at One Centimeter Increments that finally, closing thus brutality at any costs and even meaningful language that one cannot understands towards Red Currant Jelly Leaking From a Chained Up Suspended Male Impregnation Experiment goes beyond your nameless pain and disease contaminates the already infected off Writhing In Darkness showing the audiences about the old-folk being attack in the night by that mutated gigantic monster that used to be his tumor before the doctor do the surgeon to cut it out but then, it moves and growing back to find its host in such unspeakable gruesome looks !

Writhing In Darkness: