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Loser Munchies (Independent 2017)

Retro pulsating sounds struck the stereo system and it’s like you went back to the early seventies after the sixties gone ashtray and for the atmosphere on Rock N’ Roll popular tunes to jitterbugging dance to formal party silly pogos must be infiltrated by the performance from Amy Taylor, Bryce Wilson, Declan Mehrtens and Kevin Romer off the kick-ass Garage Cowgirl’s Lo-Fi Punk-Rock and Pub-Rock tunes available bursts as listenable and catchy for everyone sober or drunk and even non-Melbourne citizens still can go crazy following thus boot-ankles as taken off Big Attraction and what’s hiding behind it ? Stinky white girl’s feet to suck ? But relax cause these Melbourne, Australia band really did music runs well fine serving as not only the photo album stored by Emily Rose-Hill but hearing the performance out of Westgate, Balaclava Lover Boogie and Blowjobs truly, worth a second chance for Amyl and The Sniffers to invites you – the gentlemen audience on the silly challenge on sniffing hot women feet and legs for Rock N’ Roll display of Mole (Sniff Sniff) experimental shorts sexual teasing that rocks the pub spectators then to yours now. 

Big Attraction: