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Lola No Looking (Rough Trade/Base Records 1979)

   Born in the seventy-seven era on the same time Punk-Rock turning teenager already and the rebellious minds caught the best things written and arranged into Punk Rock and popular life-style as for these original line-up shows of the girl-rockers band The Raincoats comprising forPalmolive/Paloma Romero (ex-The Slits) on drums, Ana Da Silva on guitars, Vicky Aspinall on second guitar/violin and Gina Birch on bass aren’t really afraid for getting wet as they’re jumps in the murky water to taste the independent ultimate feelings on playing in the band with all-girls with less ego here as the debut album for Avant-garde, Post-Punk and New Wave due to the end of the seventies era finished and gained some attentions – perhaps because of the cute band’s name or the plenty harmonies in music vocal-charms in Pop-Punk and experimental moves as the children ensemble of group-choir brought us the women busy playing Off Duty Trip, Adventures Close To Home #1, Black and White, You’re A Million and The Void which didn’t forgetting the stood-still self being imperfect in romance through In Love tales. No Side To Fall In over these good unit Punk band showing how girls can do something unusual too for the rest of the Punk-Rock world – even didn’t truly, remembered pretty well.