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Lived Happily Ever After (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer 2005)


   Matt Damon and Heath Ledger teaming up as The Brothers Grimm with Lena Headey and Monica Bellucci withi the background territory in Germany occupied by French as two siblings Will and Jacob travels their ninetieth century to Karlstad for helping the folks get rid of their haunting ghosts but reveals that the brothers setting out fake monsters or demons for their tricks until the French general Delatombe with his torturer Cavaldi force them to solving mysteries on the missing girls of Marbaden village assumption they’re works successfully done in town as the authority convinced them to finding on whose responsible for that odd case. Charged for discovering facts on real supernatural force meet them both to the wicked thuringian queen whom stole many young girls souls for her beauty after the curses plague devastating her kingdom within the experimented of black magic and eternal life gaining makes her builds her highest tower to surviving the bubonic disease that kills everyone and everything around her presence but leaving her appearance of youthful existing in mirror but she was decayed rotted for years waiting for the spells granted back immortality just like the haunting original motion picture soundtrack composed by Dario Marianelli covering most of the moisture journey of them against evil dark magic and cryptic creatures via Shrewd Thespians, Red Riding Hood, Dickensian Beginnings onto The Eclipse Begins, A Slice of Quiche wWould Be Nice or Sleeping Beauties told us a very different stories related to some of thus characters already famous among children’s realm. As the werewolf hunter helping her grabs and captured children from the edge of the forest, farmland, empty road or even village well disguising as raven or ginger bread man but The Grimm Brothers and Angelika the loyal brave female assuring Delatombe they will succeeded going back to the haunted forest and fighting the german rebels as finding the creepy tower with Jacob climbing in to find 12 crypts as twelve victims offers as well with giant catapult, scientific tools and courage expressing their eagerness by stealing the wolfman magic axe whom reveals to be Angelika’s father; open ways to the forest as soldiers burning down parts of it – Jacob with the help of the woodsman destroying the enchanting mirror of the tower leaping it down as the tower falls apart with the eleven girls alive and village joins for great celebration in joy thanking The Brothers Grimm whose picking new profession as the fairy tales writer…